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A Simple Mission

Our goal is to protect Senior Citizens by providing the best Life Insurance options on the market! All of our products come with three very important guarantees! Keep reading to find out more...

Make sure that the policy you choose

comes with these Three Guarantees

Guarantee 1: Premiums Never Go Up

We promise that the policy we recommend to you is guaranteed that the premium will NEVER go up! No matter how old up become (you can live to be 110 if you want!) your premiums will stay the same and never, ever increase!

Guarantee 2: Benefits Never Go Down

We promise that the policy we recommend to you is guaranteed that the benefits of the policy will NEVER go down regardless of age or health changes! 

Guarantee 3: Policy Never Cancels

We Promise that the policy we recommend to you is guaranteed that it can NEVER be cancelled by the insurance company regardless of how old or how poor your health gets, as long as the premiums are met!

Wendy's Story


Wendy and her husband had a home together. One day, while they were out shopping, he was in the store and had a heart attack. Despite the doctor's best efforts, Wendy tearfully had to say goodbye to him three days later. They never imagined death would come so soon or so sudden, and they had no life insurance in place. Wendy now spends her days standing on the street corners, asking for help to save her home. Here's her advice... 

You never know what will happen... so don't put off buying life insurance. Protect your loved ones now.

Wendy's story is a strong reminder of how suddenly life can change.  Act NOW to make sure those you love most are protected!



Howe Insurance Services

Our mission is simple. To conduct ourselves with excellence and create amazing experiences that people will want to tell others about. Because, when we get service right, everything else follows.