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What Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Do for You!

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2/13/16 9:17 AM


Have you ever heard the statement that, “Whatever you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day?”

Waking up early is a common practice among those who are super successful. There is a good reason for this; they know that they can get more done and they can do more to take care of their body and mind.

Would you agree that you could use more time in your day? How much more could you accomplish if you woke up just one hour earlier?

Here are some ideas on how this one extra hour could put you in the power position.

  1. You’ll have plenty of time. Time is so precious, and it’s one thing we can’t get back. This is why you should use your time wisely. Every hour, minute, and second count. Take a moment to reflect on how this practice could change your entire month? With a little more time, you could increase your number of sales calls, your number of appointments, and ultimately your sales.


  1. You can exercise. Getting the proper exercise is good for your body and it’s also good for your mind. You should make it a point to do what is necessary to stay in shape, eat right, and get plenty of rest. If you want to be sharp, you have to do it!


  1. You can avoid crowds/traffic. It has been said that if you left a little earlier you could get to your destination on time. This is true! If you want to make sure that you’re on time, then make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get ready in addition to your other morning rituals.


  1. You can make sure you look the part. When you get ready for an appointment, what do you do? You should always look the part. This means that you are focused on dressing for success. If someone came to your home for an appointment, would you let them in with shorts on, dirty socks and shoes, and unkempt hair? Always give yourself time to look your best.


  1. Start your day with God. Do you start your day in God’s Word and in prayer? If you are not a Christian, you may have something else you do to start your day. Perhaps you meditate, or perhaps you read a book from a successful salesperson. Start your day right, and spend some time with something positive and motivational.

Hopefully, you found this helpful.

You probably have your own morning routine, but if you don’t, start by getting up just one hour earlier and see what you can accomplish!

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