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Top 10 Final Expense Agents for February 7th, 2016

HIS National Champions

HIS National Champions About The Author

2/10/16 1:30 PM

What a great week as many of our national champions are preparing for the awesome R&R in Orlando, Florida. Make sure to check out the hashtag #ORR16 on Facebook for fun updates from our HIS National Champions as we have our "family reunion” and HIS party!  
Starting out in the Number One spot with his personal best week ever is Chris M. with 12,864 of AP! Way to go Chris! He also had his personal best day ever, which is no wonder since he sat down with 20 people this last week! Congrats Chris, have fun at Disney with your beautiful wife and kiddos! 
Our cowboy, Jeremy, from the plains of Texas rounds up Second Place with $8,645. He’s closing some huge sales as he protects families big time! Looks like we’ll have to hear the story on those big sales sometime soon, gotta say 6 sales for over $8,600 is pretty big stuff! Nice job Jeremy! 
Ever since Jeremy started he’s had a passion for helping people so that they don’t have to go through the same thing he did when his parents passed away without any protection. 
Scott who comes sliding into Third Place with $8,273 is committing to keeping his average up, and right now he’s one of the elite few who has a four week average of over $6k! Amazing job, Scott! 
Fourth Place goes to Justin, who’s been rocking HIS all year, comes in strong with $8,158, looking sharp there, Justin! All of the HIS National Champs are excited to rub shoulders with this legend in Orlando. 
Davon, who we can’t really call a “newbie” anymore, since he’s decided to call the Top Ten his home, rocks Fifth Place with $8,049 and is definitely a regular up here in the top. Awesome job, once again, Davon! 
Sixth Place goes to Curt with a pretty $6,678! And Dawn is right behind him in Seventh Place with $6,550. Way to go, Curt and Dawn! 
Wrapping up the top ten and keeping the numbers very close we’ve got Chris W. in Eight Place with $6,324, Nathan in Ninth Place with $6,117 and Dustin takes the Tenth Place with $6,036 and is currently leading the HIS four week average with over $9,100 of AP! What a great week, Chris, Nathan and Dustin, you can definitely call yourselves the rockstars of HIS! 
Congrats to each of our Top Producers! Stay tuned for all the Orlando fun! 

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Quick Stats for Top 10

  • Produced: $77,693.69 of AP
  • Interviews: 143
  • Lives Protected: 101

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