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One Simple Step to Being the Local Expert in Life Insurance

by HIS Elite on 10/2/18 7:30 AM


Be the Local Expert Sept 12

I’ve been selling for the past number of years and am excited to share with you my biggest, single secret for positioning yourself as the local expert in the final expense life insurance industry. It’s seriously so simple, will help you overcome objections, make more sales and build your clientele.


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3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (Get Free Leads)

by HIS Elite on 7/27/18 5:45 PM


Everyone wants more sales, wants more clients and more leads. The fastest and most cost effective lead is the free lead. As you get out of your comfort zone you’re making a way for yourself to get free leads, let’s look at how:

Here are three tips to living outside of your comfort zone and getting free leads:


1. Talk to People.

Simply share what you do with each person you meet.

The neighbor? Yes.

The cleaning lady at McDonald’s? Yes.

The person you ask for directions on that...

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