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10 HOT Tips for New Insurance Agents! {New for 2019!}

Helena Davis About The Author

4/29/19 6:00 AM

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New insurance agents often fall into one of two categories. These two categories are brand new without experience, and some with sales experience or some insurance sales experience. Either way, selling insurance can feel daunting.

You are not alone but you should know that working with the right team makes all the difference. We like to use the term team because that is the only way businesses are built successfully. The leadership of the team is critical, and that is why we do our very best to offer sound training, support, and encouragement too.

No matter what team you're on (or not on for that matter!) we want to offer you something that new insurance agents desperately needing to know. These are 10 HOT tips that you as a new agent can’t live without, and even if you aren’t new you can use these as a refresher on how to get it done!

Here is the Gold for New Insurance Agents!

You should know that insurance is one of the most important things you’ll ever help someone with. A family's financial future may depend on YOU! This means that as you go out into the field, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes in your career.

How do you avoid making them?

This is why we’ve compiled this HOT list of 10 tips for new insurance agents and those of you who are still looking for an organization to work with.

  1. Help them first. So often you can get so caught up in needing to make this new venture work that you're focused on what you need and what you want and really all you need to do is take time to slow down and really help each person you meet with. Most times that will mean helping them get a policy through you but sometimes that will mean walking away from a sale that wouldn't be in their best interest. Keep what they need at the forefront of your mind. 
  2. Be sincere and sincerely professional. Everyone hates someone who is building a connection to simply make a sale. Don't be that person. Did you know that you can genuinely connect and help them get a policy without being an another annoying salesperson? Be personable and professional. When you truly have tip #1 "helping them first" at the front of your thought process it will come across. You will be viewed as a consultant, not as a salesperson. 
  3. Ask about family. Finding common ground is great, but it’s best if you continue to focus on your prospect. If they have children ask about them. Most parents talk about their children more than anything else. They’ll more than likely brag about how they won a basketball game or got straight A’s. Remember the family and ask about them. This is meaningful.
  4. Positivity always. And no matter what the circumstances are you must guard your thoughts against negativity when it comes to the work you're doing and especially towards your clientele. You will get to work with a lot of people who are perhaps at a low - or even the lowest - place in their lives and often that leads to them being in a negative place; mentally, physically and financially, don't allow that to drag you down or to influence your attitude towards them. Listen to podcasts and plug into training that will help you keep your mindset in the right place. 
  5. Always dress like a professional. If you have been in sales before you may have had a casual dress code. Whatever you are accustomed to, know that it’s time to step it up. Dress as a professional if you want to be a professional. Look neat, clean, and professional and your prospects will take you seriously. Wear an ID badge and perhaps a dress shirt with your company logo. 
  6. Listen to yourself. When in sales, recording yourself on calls or in appointments is a great way to see what has to change. Are you monotone? Do you sound as if you know your product? Do you sound confident? These are all important aspects of becoming a top insurance agent.
  7. Talk less and listen more. Listening seems to be a lost art, but if you work at active listening rather than just “hearing” what a client says you’ll be far more successful than you ever imagined. It’s great that you know a lot about your product, but if you aren’t listening to what your prospect is telling you, you are less likely to sell them something they can really use.
  8. Always be prepared. You won’t always have answers for every question your prospect asks, but you should take the time to prepare before every appointment. You’ll need to do some extra work in the beginning and focus on learning your products inside and out. Initially, you should let your prospect know that if you don’t have the answer that you’ll find someone who does. Your prospects will respect you more for being honest with them.
  9. Learn marketing. Marketing yourself is still important, because the organization you choose won’t carry your marketing efforts. Learn how to use social media, direct mail pieces, and focus on asking for referrals. You’ll discover that if you learn one marketing method at a time and master it, it’s much easier to then add a second method.
  10. Stop talking about features and give benefits. Features are great but your prospect won’t care about all of them. When you are new to sales it’s easy to talk about features all of the time. It’s time for you to focus on talking about benefits before you talk about anything else. Always focus on how your prospect will benefit from what you are offering them.

We hope that you found these tips helpful. If you are one of the many new insurance agents to the field that has not yet found a home, please contact us today at Howe Insurance Services and speak with a marketer to hear what we are all about!